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55 Years of Coates

By Coates


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Last year was one like no other for Coates Group. Not only did we celebrate 55 years of the business, but also our CEO Leo Coates’ 10th year of ownership. There is no better way to truly commemorate these moments but with the Coates Crew. Scroll down to relive the moments from our End of Year Celebrations all over the world!

The End of Year in Pictures

As Coates got ready to welcome a new year, we celebrated the end of 2018, reflecting on our success in innovations, partnerships and most of all, our teamwork. Join us as we look back at all our achievements.


With such a spectacular backdrop, even the humidity and heavy rain couldn’t stop the Sydney Crew from partying the night away.



While the Sydney Crew struggled with the sweltering heat, the Chicago Team braved the snow to celebrate the end of a successful year


The China Team really pulled out all stops with their 55 Year celebrations!


The Japan Team celebrated the End of Year and Holiday Season with their families!


The Dubai Coates Team bid farewell to 2018 with their great food and loved ones.