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In restaurant self-service kiosk close up with Coates logo - Side view in red.
In restaurant self-service kiosk options with Coates logo - Side view in red.
Single in-restaurant self-service kiosk front view with Coates logo on red screen.
Couple of in-restaurant self-service kiosks from side with Coates logo on red screen.

Ordering Reimagined

Create an intuitive and engaging in restaurant ordering experience. Our award-winning self-service digital kiosks fit seamlessly into your space and are designed in-house with the needs of both your crew and customers in mind.

Leading Design

Award-winning touch screen kiosk design based on behavioural research keeps the focus on the customer’s experience – rather than the kiosk itself.

Flexibility & Serviceability

A range of mounting options seamlessly accommodates both your footprint and plug-and-play components for easy servicing.


Our kiosk hardware integrates with industry-leading displays, technology, kiosk software, payment solutions, and software architecture changes.

Enhanced Ordering

When paired with a dynamic CMS, self-service kiosks can enable app integrations and customisable ordering experiences.

Sleek, Modern Kiosks Create Engaging Customer Interactions

As a primary ordering and interaction point, self-service kiosks positively impact the customer experience and drive measurable results for your brand.

Proven at Scale
Our self-service kiosks are deployed across leading brands in thousands of global locations and are proven to meet your unique needs at scale.
Customer Preference
Today, customisation and personalisation are not just preferred – they’re expected. Our kiosks meet customers where and how they prefer to order.
Drives ROI
A self-service kiosk can help drive ROI by increasing your average check size, reducing visitor wait times, and improving the customer experience.
Operational Cost
Our self-service kiosk solutions enable automated in restaurant workflows, resulting in reduced operational costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-service kiosks bring together physical hardware, interactive digital displays, and kiosk-specific software to create standalone engagement opportunities for customers.

If you’ve ever walked into a restaurant and placed your order independently on a touch-screen display – rather than ordering from the cashier directly – you’ve interacted with a self-service kiosk in the past.

Self-service kiosks speed up wait times and reduce time spent standing in the queue. Customers also appreciate the greater degree of control and accuracy that kiosks provide when it comes to personalising and customising their orders.

In addition, self-service kiosks capture valuable data for your business and require less labour to operate.

Three things set our self-service kiosks apart from the crowd: our human-centric design, high-quality finishes, and minimal form factors.

As an example, our K2 kiosk – recognised as a Good Design AwardⓇ Gold Winner – delivers both efficiency and customisation with style. At the same time, it integrates seamlessly into different restaurant environments, creating an immersive customer experience as part of the connected digital journey.

Drive-thru solutions and Order confirmation units for restaurants designed by Coates Group Australia.

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