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Traditional Signage Solutions That Bring Brands to Life

Communicate Your Most Important Messages with Impact

At Coates Group, our experienced teams have been delivering best-in-class indoor and outdoor signage to meet the highest standards of safety, compliance, and durability for the world’s leading brands since 1963. Our solutions bring together cutting-edge technology and impactful design and messaging, enabling national and global brands to stand out from the crowd.

Wayfinding Signage

Our wayfinding solutions effortlessly guide customers from place to place for brands across industries including QSR, retail, and petrol stations.

Building Signage

Our building signage provides directional guidance, enhances visibility, reinforces brand recognition, and fosters a sense of familiarity amongst customers.

Pylon Signs

Our pylons provide clear visibility – day or night – to draw attention from afar and forge a strong first impression with visitors and customers.

Directional Traditional Signage with Coates' logo and sign to entry and exit.

Directional Signage

Beyond creating positive navigation experiences, our directional signage increases efficiency promotes safety, and drives awareness of special offers to maximise engagement and sales.

Canopy & Roof Panels

Our galvanised steel canopy structures and lightweight roof panels are UV-protected and weather-resistant, providing optimal coverage to customers as they visit the drive thru.


Our gantry signage provides directional guidance, increases brand exposure, and attracts customers to your brand to create a lasting impression.

Ampol petrol station in Australia using Coates' traditional signage solutions.

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McDonald’s ANZ and Coates Group Celebrate 50 Years of Partnership


Delivering +59K Signage Products to Ampol, On Time and Within Budget


Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional signage – compared to digital signage – encompasses static displays like wayfinding signage, roadside pylons, gantries, blade signs, LED signs, and billboards that present a single message heroing the brand in a static format, in most cases. 

Traditional signage can be a great complement to digital signage, allowing brands to deliver engaging messaging across the holistic customer journey.

Traditional signage is a reliable, high-impact solution that’s appropriate for usage where messaging should remain mostly static. Traditional signage can be cost-effective to install and is easy to manage, as no ongoing customisation or updating is required. 

However, while there are applications where traditional signage alone is appropriate, most brands will see the best results from a combination of both traditional and digital signage solutions.

Traditional signage is generally static, meaning that its messaging is not rotated or changed. Digital signage, on the other hand, gives brands the opportunity to customise the messaging that is being displayed. 

A digital menu board in the drive thru is an example of digital signage, whilst a roadside pylon is an example of traditional signage.

Drive-thru solutions and Order confirmation units for restaurants designed by Coates Group Australia.

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