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McDonald’s ANZ and Coates Group Celebrate 50 Years of Partnership

Australia & New Zealand

Project Summary

McDonald’s ANZ has trusted Coates Group to deliver a steady supply of traditional signage and menu board systems to its restaurant storefronts for over 50 years.


Beginning in 2013, McDonald’s developed new signage guidelines that would more clearly communicate their visual identity at new and existing restaurants and feature innovative menu displays at their point-of-purchase touchpoints.

This change in direction required our Crew to develop entirely new signage packages that would meet McDonald’s updated standards, whilst also ensuring that the fast food giant continued to receive quality products and experiences at all stages of the signage implementation process.


To ensure our signage solutions aligned with McDonald’s guidelines, our team worked closely with the company’s stakeholders to understand the changes that needed to be made and how they should be implemented across the restaurants. 

Our Crew then facilitated the dissemination of these changes at all levels, including design, project management, manufacturing, and installation functions.


Since our initial implementation of McDonald’s new signage package, we have deployed next-generation building signage products in +250 restaurants, pylon signs in +300 restaurants, and drive thru signage products in +500 locations.

We continue to deliver next-generation traditional signage solutions to McDonald’s ANZ locations and look forward to carrying this partnership forward in the decades to come.

Next-Generation Traditional Signage

Even restaurant industry heavyweights like McDonald’s know that innovation is critical when it comes to keeping pace with today’s modern consumers. They continue to invest in updated signage solutions, and we can help you do the same.

Drive-thru solutions and Order confirmation units for restaurants designed by Coates Group Australia.

A Signage Partner You Can Trust

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