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Switchboard™ CMS

MacDonald ANZ using the digital signage software called Switchboard created by Coates Group for their drive thru solutions.

Power Up Your Digital Touchpoints with Our Proprietary CMS

Switchboard™, our dynamic and innovative content management system (CMS) offers sophisticated integration capabilities and creates a seamless, connected ecosystem for your brand. Enjoy a single solution that enables dynamic, data-driven menu content across all hardware touchpoints and ensures an engaging ordering experience for customers.

Content Simplification

Our Switchboard™ CMS integrates with your data sources and systems to simplify content creation and distribution processes to meet all digital touchpoints.

Data-Driven Content

Connect with your customers through customised content based on weather, customer identification, live order basket, segmentation, live transactions, location, externally managed menu and pricing data, plus much more.

Templated Content

Smart components make it easy to create standardised content templates that can be adapted based on location and attributes.

Content Management

Easily push out content updates from multiple devices through our centralised asset management capabilities.

Scheduling & Dayparting

Schedule your digital menu content by daypart, weekpart, season, promotions, and more within our Switchboard™ CMS dashboard.

A CMS that Drives Unparalleled Results for You and Your Customers

Leverage your existing data to drive real-time results and efficiencies – such as higher average check, reduced wait times, and increased order accuracy – with our custom-built Switchboard™ CMS digital menu board software.

Dynamic Messaging
Communicate the right message, to the right customer, at the right time by leveraging data integrations and programmable logic.
Customer Experience
Create a personalised and connected customer ordering experience across all internal and external touchpoints.
Easy to Use
Easily manage menu content, layouts, distribution, and updates, while providing a range of content management access to your team, as needed.
Real-Time Data & Analytics
Harness valuable data about customer behaviour, merchandising results, menu layout, and content performance to drive real-time ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our digital menu board software supports merchandising for both in restaurant and drive thru experiences by enabling the content that is displayed across a restaurant’s various digital screens.

In addition to facilitating easy content updating, some digital menu board software programs – like our Switchboard™ CMS solution – allows you to integrate with other systems and adapt your content dynamically based on customer behaviour and performance data.

Switchboard™ is a CMS that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing the menu content found on your digital screens. 

Most digital signage has a design capability that allows users to create content and control when and where it’s displayed. But some more advanced offerings like our Switchboard™ CMS make it possible to optimise these activities or adjust them based on customer insights.

Our proprietary Switchboard™ CMS helps to centralise all content assets and enables stronger collaboration across various teams, groups, and locations.

Switchboard™, in particular, is a specialised, industry-specific type of digital signage software that is tailored to the unique needs of in restaurant and drive thru experiences. 

Our Switchboard™ CMS is designed to be easy to use, without compromising on the functionality required by national and global brands at scale. 

In addition to making it easy to update and schedule digital menu board content, our Switchboard™ CMS provides advanced integration and analytics capabilities that enable users to drive critical consumer insights and real-time ROI from their data.

Drive-thru solutions and Order confirmation units for restaurants designed by Coates Group Australia.

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