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K2 - Ordering Reimagined

By Coates


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Researched, developed, prototyped and tested extensively, the K2 was designed with the utmost intention both internally and externally. Reimagine self-service ordering through the delivery of truly immersive and seamless user experience.

Coates proudly presents, the K2.

Rebellious in form and sophisticated in function, K2 challenges the bounds of design and innovation. The K2 redefines the industry benchmark with enhanced flexibility to integrate into any self-ordering landscape with style.

What exactly is the K2 difference?

1. Human-centric design

While boundary-pushing design was a priority, consideration of the customer ordering journey was at the forefront. Ergonomically crafted, the K2 offers both convenience and privacy with strategically built features such as an angled recess to screen the user's transactional process.

2. High-quality finish

The combination of carefully selected quality materials and thoughtful design allows the kiosk to be adapted as an architectural structure, an aesthetically versatile inclusion in modern retail environments. The woodgrain finish pole complements the anodized finish of the shell for a more minimalist approach to tones, lines and curves, creating a more polished profile.

3. Minimal form factor

The minimalistic design offers elegance and refinement to enable seamless integration into any retail or hospitality environments. Differing from existing kiosks in the market, once conspicuous features such as the printer and scanner are intentionally concealed within the sleek shell to simplify the user experience.