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Celebrating 60 Years of Coates

By Coates


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2023 marks the 60th Anniversary of Coates and we are proud to celebrate this milestone with our Crew and our customers.

As Coates marks its 60th anniversary, it’s a momentous occasion to reflect on our rich history while setting our sights on the promising future that lies ahead.

Over the past six decades, we’ve grown and achieved significant success with our customers and partners, and together as a Crew. Throughout the years, we’ve overcome challenges, anticipated technological advancements and adapted to changing landscapes.

A Journey Through Time

Looking back, it’s incredible to reflect on how it all began - starting as a small local business which then ventured into a dynamic business, fueled by passion and determination. From our roots as a lettering and signage business beginning in 1963, Coates Group has transformed into a globally recognised leader in the digital customer experience industry. Our journey has been characterised by the continuity of innovation, adaptability, and focus on quality, customer service and deep partnerships. 

Major Milestones

Throughout the 60 years, Coates Group has achieved numerous milestones. We have been at the forefront of digital transformation, pioneering into international markets, acquiring new business and development of cutting-edge technology solutions have been key highlights of our growth story.

We are proud to not only celebrate the business milestones but also the milestones that each of our Crew members have experienced as well.

The Future is Bright

As we celebrate this remarkable 60-year journey, we remain focussed on the future of the business, of our customers and our Crew. With ongoing investment in technology and innovation, a customer-centric approach, and a growth mindset – and in line with one of the pillars of our purpose – Coates is continually evolving and challenging ourselves to not only set a high bar, but to jump over it too. 

Our 60th anniversary is not just a celebration of what we have achieved; it’s a renewal of our commitment to excellence, innovation and community. We thank our Crew, customers and partners for being an integral part of our story, and we look forward to the next 60 years! 


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