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Digital Signage Improves Order Accuracy By 15% for McDonald’s ANZ

Australia & New Zealand

Project Summary

To modernise their digital ordering experience, McDonald's ANZ transitioned from static to both, indoor and outdoor digital menu boards, in addition to implementing the introduction of self-serve kiosks. 


McDonald’s identified that order accuracy in the drive thru was lower than desired, which slowed down the speed of service and impacted the overall drive thru experience.  

This, as well as the brand’s objective to enhance the customer experience, and leverage new technology, led the fast food leader to move away from their formerly static signage and implement more modern, relevant digital solutions.


Through our engagement with McDonald’s, our Crew installed outdoor digital menu boards and order confirmation screens at more than 800+ locations as part of the brand’s “ask, ask, tell” initiative, which sought to improve their customer experience. The order confirmation units played a particularly helpful role in presenting customers with their orders at a second point in the drive thru lane, resulting in a higher degree of accuracy. 

In addition, indoor digital menu boards and self-serve kiosks were introduced at more than 1,000+ of the brand’s retail storefronts. 

Our team was able to integrate these technologies with McDonald’s existing point-of-sale system, as well as deploy a suggestion engine that presented customers with additional items that would complement their orders. 


These technology solutions executed through our partnership with McDonald’s drove an uplift in the brand’s drive thru sales, whilst improving order accuracy by 15%.

Further, McDonald’s expects to see long-term operational improvements and cost-savings, thanks to efficiencies built into their new technology. 

The integration of indoor and outdoor digital menu board solutions with their existing point-of-sale system enabled McDonald’s to make real-time pricing changes and roll out a national pricing structure. Simplifying content updates has also allowed the brand’s campaign cycles to increase, which provided a positive return on sales.

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