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RSPCA Cupcake Day

By Coates


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At Coates, we are huge animal lovers! So this year, the Sydney Coates Crew decided to help fight animal cruelty by hosting a huge lunch on RSPCA Cupcake Day, with the entire event raising over $1.2 million !

To support this event, we encouraged the Sydney team to bring in any dish that they wished to share. We were surprised by the amazing turn out the day with crew members bringing in cupcakes (of course!), a great range of pastries, cakes, salads and lasagna, to just name a few.

Although we were impressed with every single dish on the day, we want to congratulate Graham Muir’s Meatball dish and Dean Rather’s Caramel slices on being voted the best dish of the day! We would also like to give a special shout out to Viet Pham for bringing in his own cooking kit and setting up his own live cooking show to provide everyone with genuine takoyaki!

All of the proceeds from Cupcake Day go directly towards the abandoned, neglected and surrendered animals around the country to provide them with love, safe shelter and a helping hand. If you’d like to read more or help this amazing initiative, click HERE.